The Terra XL by MWE

The Terra XL by MWE is truly the king of sliding door floor rollers.  The XL construction, engineered by the system Terra M, was especially designed and constructed for this purpose. In this way, door leaves up to 400 kg (875 lbs) can be moved.

The planner thereby has new possibilities regarding size and choice of material 
for the door elements. Terra M is “two-faced”: Whereas one side features function, the other side conceals it, so that an individual ambience can be created in two adjacent rooms. The runner rail can be either screwed or glued to the floor.

Featured Product - The MWE Agitus Door Hinge

MWE Agitus Wall Mount Hinge (PT.7110)

All fittings of MWE’s stainless steel hinge PT.7110 are concealed under elegant magnetic caps. The hinges are made of solid material, but still look slim and elegant. Closing pressure of the locking mechanism can be reduced for low weight doors on demand. Thanks to small clearances Motion hinges can also be installed in wet areas. The hinges are available as a wall-mounted and a glassmounted version – both have a load bearing capacity of 75 kg (165 lbs) per door leaf.

The Agitus is available in a wall mount or glass mount version. 

MWE Agitus PT.7110

MWE Agitus PT.7110

MWE Agitus PT.7110.G

MWE Agitus PT.7110.G


How Turnstyle Designs Makes a Leather Wrapped Door Handle

Turnstyle Designs are established as one of the world's foremost producers of design led architectural hardware.  Using classic materials to create contemporary designs, Turnstyle handles can be found on some of the world’s most prestigious projects including private homes, yachts, hotels and restaurants.

MWE Launches a New Rustic Sliding Door Hardware System

Brian Derck, Managing Partner at Door Design Workshop talks about the new SB001 from MWE

Screenshot 2016-06-01 11.04.43.png

MWE's newest series is a bold move by the Germany manufacturers to attract more consumers looking for a more country or rustic look for their barn door hardware.  

Fully in accordance with the motto "Back to the roots“, only we can offer new “old barn door hardware” that have all the positive properties of the modern age. Whilst heavy doors in olden times were cumbersome and pure usefulness was at the forefront, today we are combining this raw and simultaneously very unusual look with the finest technology, outstanding quality and the simplest handling. 

Matching Door Pull (TG.001)

Get to Know MWE

In the first of our "Get to Know" series, we focus on one of our favorites, MWE.


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